Make Your Own World, in Your Own Cloud

People have always wanted to be demigods, ruling over their very own worlds – where other people could not intrude.

This is now being done routinely – in the Computer Cloud. I even have one myself in the Amazon Cloud – where I can do anything I want, to my own world – that can be a big as I want (because space there is so cheap).

Except I have little idea what is going on there – and even less of an idea how to make this private world work part of the larger world.

This is not true, however, of the powerful new companies who reside there – who understand that world, because they helped create it. They know how to coordinate this new world with the old world – and take over large parts of it.

Much of its money, for example.


One thought on “Make Your Own World, in Your Own Cloud

  1. I was exactly dwelling on this subject the other day! it is a modern day issue to recon with! Even the simple data storage like Google Drive and Dropbox…Check my recent post, i am looking forward to hear your thoughts!

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