Thinking in Latin America

I live in Latin America now (in Costa Rica) and I am happy to be living here. But I keep noticing the many areas where they cannot think.

Yesterday, for example, I was watching a soccer game – Ticos are passionate them. One of the players was injured – but no one took care of him properly – they just pushed him off the field, and went on playing. His injuries were probably not serious, but this decision should have been made by a medically competent person – a medic.

They should have had a stretcher on the sidelines – ran onto the field with the stretcher, and carried him off to where he could get adequate medical attention. Injuries are bound to happen – and they should be planned for.

But, strange as this seems – Latinos cannot plan. This is something the North learned as a result of Industrialization – and this did not happen much in the South. That is why it is so poor.

They cannot do a cost-benefits analysis. Calculate the costs and the benefits, of different alternatives – and pick the best one for the job. This seems too logical to them – and Latinos pride themselves on being an emotional people.

They should prize their emotions – but some decisions should be made without them.


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