Stupidity and 9/11

I am reading the 9/11 Commission Report – formatted for the Kindle. Its going to be long read.

This part I have read so far, was about the hijacking of the aircraft – and the total incompetence of the FAA and the NORAD military. Who were supposed to communicate with each other. but didn’t.

I worked for the FAA for 12 years, and every branch of the Military, during that time also. The FAA and the Air Force ran joint-occupancy sites – huge Radar stations. I didn’t spend much time in the FAA Air Route Traffic Control Centers – huge underground buildings designed to withstand a nuclear attack.

But the people in both these places were stupid and self-important. The last time I was in the DC, I saw the FAA Headquarters Buildings – and I said to myself “I know what is going on there – nothing!” The same could be said of the Pentagon – lots of money, but no brains.

The 9/11 attacks were unusual, but there was a lot more that could have been done – if these guys had a head on their shoulders. The only people did anything were the passengers on one plane – who fought back.


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