If You Don’t Like the World, You Can Easily Get Out of It

And you might find you have a lot of company – in fact, most of the population, in one way or the other.

I just visited a friend, a middle-aged woman who was outstanding in her youth. She is now a wreck – badly overweight. And satisfies herself by noting the many other women who are in even worse shape.

Her sons survive by keeping out of her way – they do not want to become like her. This is a common strategy for the children of crazy parents, and crazy societies – they know something is wrong, and they come up with ways to cope with it. Often by becoming crazy themselves, but in different ways.

In the Islamic world, they may adopt radical sentiments – and become terrorists. This is explained, rather well, by the 9/11 Commision Report – that few Americans have bothered to read.

They have adopted the strategy is essay is about – being by not being. Plenty of people know what is going on (and teach courses about this) – but these guys don’t want to know.

And are very satisfied with this (unconscious) decision.


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