Having Too Much Can Be Bad for You

I am not saying anything new here – but I think it needs to be said again, because this was one of the causes for America’s downfall.

“America’s downfall?” You may ask, “What kind of nut are you, to talk like this!” But it does seem to me that America, the land I was born into, has gone into a serious decline – and that is why I left it, and now live in Costa Rica.

Since then, I have asked myself, what was wrong with America? And the answer is not easy to come by. But it has something to do with Americans favoring their things over their people.

America became the most industrialized nation in the world – and the richest. But this did not make them better. This is an important point, and I want to dwell on it.

One of the results of Industrialization was its amazing ability to make things better and cheaper. I am using one of them now, as I have my espresso coffee for breakfast. This little machine is amazing, and was so cheap!

And I can go to a supermarket, pushing my shopping cart down the aisles, stocked with items of every description. The emotional impact of this is severe – and re-enforces the message that they are important – and not the person pushing the shopping cart – who is only a consumer.

He does have a plastic credit card, that pays for everything – but he is surrounded by a huge, invisible Financial System – that keeps telling him to buy more!

The emotional result is depression, as people realize they are not important.


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