The Handy SD Card

The SD (Secure Digital) card is pushed into its slot, where it clicks into place. To remove it, you push down on it a little more, and it pops up, so you can grab it. Every digital camera has one, and this where they store the photos and videos that they make. Most laptops have a SD slot you can use also – when you put a card in there, it shows up as another drive on your computer, and you can move the files on the card to your computer – or put files from the computer onto it. Very handy!

The one I am using now had been used in two cameras before it – and they had cluttered it up. I took the SD card out of the camera, plugged it into the front of my computer – and deleted all that crap.

My camera now is a Sony W800/S that seems to be doing the camera-to-computer transfer correctly. When you use the USB cable to connect between them – the camera’s SD card shows up as another drive on the computer. And you can transfer the photos and videos automatically from the camera to your hard drive.

There is even a micro SD version that is so tiny it can be easily hidden.


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