Psychology today suffers from what Science itself suffers from – people do not want to know what is going on. Especially with themselves.

They suffer enormously from this ignorance – one of the fundamental attributes of humans is their curiosity – and their decision to abandon this means – they have abandoned themselves – and have invented social suicide.

Quite an invention – and something no one expected. But looking back at it – it was the logical result of society’s internal forces – that persons, such as Nietzsche could see – easily enough.

People now know something is wrong, and they are looking everywhere for it – except in themselves. For the best of reasons – their darker side, that they had studiously ignored, for a hundred years – has taken over.

Man has always contained both Good and Evil – and the struggle between them, has always been one of his chief preoccupations. And his decision to abandon this struggle, has been fatal.


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