High School Sweethearts

I have seen several cases where these married – with not very satisfactory results. Adolescent infatuation (or any infatuation) is not a good basis for a lasting relationship. Parents should make it clear, what such attractions are to their children – and do their best to make sure nothing serious results.

If something serious does result – everyone is in trouble, including the children that show up – who have no idea what brought them on the stage. What parts are they supposed to act?

Some children, if the are gifted – can tell what parts they are supposed to play, and even add a few of their own. But this is very demanding work, and usually shortens their life.

One example of this was Leonard Bernstein – the son of a typical Jewish family in a New York City. that was full of them. He was able to use all this to his advantage as a symphony conductor and someone who explained classical music to everyone else.

I hope you can watch him do this, in a Medici movie about Mahler. Lenny is a genius – he is also homosexual, but does not mention this.


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