I Have to Judge the World

I am different this way – I not only have to be, I also have to judge. The vast majority of people avoid both, as if they were death itself.

Bear with me, while I get my thinking sorted out here. This is a huge subject, full of landmines, for those who do not tread carefully.

The basic fact is simple – I know things are going on, because my senses tell me they are. Like the tiny ants, that walk across the screen of my computer – I can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. And more – I know that I am – I am conscious. They ants get along fine without this luxury. If they could think, they would probably think themselves better off, without such extra baggage.

However, since I am human (through no choice of my own) I have to accept this extra stuff. I not not only have to be – I have to judge the rest of the world. But I have to keep this in mind – my judgements are for my consumption only. The rest of the world can get along just fine without them.

We have to accept that our extra abilities, often as not, get us into serious trouble – we end up killing each other – and enjoying this. But, more likely, it seems to me – we also enjoy helping each other.

Our biggest problem – is knowing when are being one way or the other. I see this problem frequently – and I am certain, it is a biggie.


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