The Cloud is a Fun Place to Be

You have heard too much about fun, and most of it is not fun at all – but more like pain. Nevermind, we are told – they are much the same thing!

I am learning programming, again – because it is so entertaining. It’s not hard, great stuff keeps popping into my inbox – and all I have to do is read it, get a good laugh – and if it is really good – pass it on.

I am reading a good, free book now What is Serverless? And it is directing me to – – written by Charity Majors – and published on WordPress – the great blogging service I also use.

Charity is a woman – but a somewhat (shall we say) – unconventional one.

Check it out for yourself.



3 thoughts on “The Cloud is a Fun Place to Be

      1. Yes. Nothing seemed related to gender…

        On Jul 19, 2017 5:21 AM, “The Compulsive Explainer” wrote:

        > halsmith commented: “Did you read what she said?” >

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