People Like to Drive Their Cars

Why do I write about something so obvious? Because of all the hype about self-driving cars.

Driving a car makes people feel powerful – and they are not about to give that up. Their car is their alter ego, and makes them bigger, and shinier, than they were.

Even if we have a beautiful body (which most of us do not) putting it in a beautiful car (especially if if is our own) makes it even more beautiful.


I Have a One-Track Mind

And sometimes, in my old age – even less.

My mother noticed this when I was just a little tad. And I have found it something to remember throughout my life. I have to remember to do only one thing at a time. If I try to do more – nothing gets done right.

I can walk and chew gum alright – but if I see an attractive woman when I am walking, I have to make sure, every few seconds, to pay attention to other things. Or I might run into a wall, and injure myself.

We Like Being Helpless

I certainly include myself here – I had noticed this in the States when I lived there. And it was a shock to recently discover it in myself.

I noticed a whole syndrome of dysfunctional behavior operating there – and I may call it the American Syndrome since it probably started there – but has since spread nearly everywhere else.

This is one of the many problems that make social engineering of the human condition difficult. We simply don’t know enough about ourselves to make this kind of planning possible. This doesn’t mean we should not try – we should just expect plenty of unexpected problems to show up.

America right now is a land with a multitude of problems – including an inability to see this – or much of anything else. Americans have so many problems, they have gone into shock – and cannot think about much of anything.

How is Software Development Related to Anything Else?

This question could be asked about any domain – How is it related to everything else? And this is not a trivial question – its as basic a question as it’s possible to get. What are relationships about? Including amorous relationships – which and are the most problematical of them all.

But let me return to Software – which has more effect on us than anything else – but which we (or at least most of us) know nothing at all. This is a strange situation. For all our previous technologies – say the movies – we knew how they worked and we could even make a few ourselves.

But Software we are not interested in – not at all. Not only is not not related to anything else – nothing else is interested in it.

This can’t be true! But it seems to be anyway.

Being Nothing is the Perfect Way to Be

This is now the American Way of Life – and they are teaching the rest of the world how to be this way also. It’s the easiest possible way to be – and its emotional rewards, although not obvious to the uninitiated – cannot be denied.

I know you good people will want to know this – because it will help you make sense of an otherwise senseless situation.

Being Devils

Societies can either aspire to be gods or devils. Or they can switch back and forth, depending in what kind of people they are acting towards – being benevolent towards their in-group or murderously towards an out-group.

But in our time – something is new. We seem determined to be hostile towards everything!

And we seem to consider this a huge advancement. Because we can do this so easily and consistently.