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What Did I Do Wrong?

Back in the Sixties, my wife of five years, had a complete mental breakdown, and ordered me out of her life. I left her in Los Angeles, and went to my new job in Denver – and had practically no contact with her. Two years later, she killed herself.

When my mother, of all people, telephoned me the news – on a telephone line used only for agency business – I went into shock and spent the rest of the day in an open field, looking at the new wildflowers that had appeared in the prairie.

Then I started to ask myself “What did I do wrong?”

This was completely crazy – I hadn’t done anything wrong. I wasn’t the perfect husband, no one is – but I put up with Beth’s craziness more than most husbands would have. If I did anything wrong, it was that – I should have insisted that we had broken up much earlier. She would have agreed with that readily – and saved both of us a lot of pain.

Instead, I became part of Beth’s craziness, and made it even worse, trying to help her. That’s why she had to get rid of me – so she could be a crazy as she wanted – so she could destroy herself – which was really what she wanted.

She was the child of successful parents (in every way, believe me) – and she was determined to destroy their success. That was what brought us together (we had similar families). We had a common objective – and we acted it out together.

We didn’t realize we were part of a larger drama – the destruction of America – and indeed, the destruction of the entire world.

The Best Kind of Princess

NY Review

This quote will give you a taste for what this review involves:

At a time when fictive Disney princesses reign over pop consumer culture for girls—last summer the entertainment giant announced its first Latina princess, Elena of Avalor, for an eponymous animated television series, doubtless prompted by demographic trends—it’s difficult to remember that real princesses once wielded broad intellectual influence. Both of the incumbent Prince of Wales’s wives—the charismatic, doomed Diana and the tough, tenacious Camilla—struggled to complete secondary school and never considered going on to university, typical of most aristocratic British women of their generation.

How true this is of many recent American graduates also! They go to college, but take the easiest courses – and graduate with useless degrees. Once out, they find they have no money – but do not attribute that to their ignorance. Once again, try to find money, the easiest way possible – and wonder why this attracts so little money.

The Loss of Wisdom in the Wise

In the Ancient World, wisdom was valued – hardly anyone agreed on what it was, but they all agreed on its importance. In today’s world (very strange world, to be sure) it is not valued, but is avoided instead. Things have gotten so bad, no one wants to know about them. And ignorance is seen as wisdom.

This was most apparent when I worked in Silicon Valley in the Nineties. Craziness was endemic, but everyone considered this normal – and worked to make it even crazier. This is an important point – people wanted to make the situation worse!

I didn’t understand this at the time – but I thought there were people who did – who could bring me up to speed also. But I could not find these people – and I really looked!

I will lay it on you, straight out – people have gone crazy, and probably cannot be cured. Once you understand that – you have understood everything you need to know.

All that remains, is to understand this craziness. And to do this, we have to back up in time – to the Reformation. The watershed moment in Western History. One that saw the rise of Science, and the fall of Monarchy. And also created the United States.

This came to a head in the 19th Century – when people knew something was wrong – that alien forces were in control, that they could not oppose – or understand. They could have understood these forces, if they really wanted to – but they were afraid to try!

Fear is the strongest force in our time! Fear of what is. Or, to use updated terminology – fear of terrorists – that create terror in our midst!


This is a subtle virtue – but for me, it is very important. If I can’t be me – I don’t want to be anything at all.

And, at the same time, I must not come across as being arrogant or superior. This is a new skill, necessary for our times.

I am reading Wordsworth’s Prelude, and I can highly recommend it. As a young man, early in the 19th Century – he discovered his calling to be a poet – and was supported by his fellowmen in his calling.

Lucky guy! A century later, this would not be possible.

In the 21st Century, being itself is difficult. And self-destruction, at every level – is common. The only way to be – is not to be, and people have become good at that. I have to discipline myself, to accept this as their choice – whether I like it or not.

To be self-sufficient myself – I have to accept the intense conformity, and non-being, of most of my fellowmen.

But perhaps I am wrong. I just opened up Poetry Mag and looked at Sublime Deformations of Nature. You don’t just read the poetry here – you look at the images also – as a kind of video, and imagine poetry being read in the background.

This is a long article – about fashion and poetry. I recently saw a man, right here in Costa Rica, wearing a tshirt with this written on it – born ugly/ live ugly/ die ugly.

High fashion is being done in NYC, London, and Paris – but not in Costa Rica. This is a lifestyle I can no longer afford. Back in the Sixties, New York City – believe it or not – was an inexpensive place to live!

I now live on the Internet, where I can download almost anything. And upload anything I want to the cloud. A hundred years from now, some unlucky soul may be reading some of my obsolete blog postings.

We have too much of everything – but this, I suppose, is better than it used to be – when many precious writings (such as the poetry of Sappho) were lost because people lost interest in them.

We now have search engines, that can find nearly anything, in this immense pile of junk – instantly!

Ethics in Latin America

The differences between Latin America and North America are many – and originated with the Reformation – that separated Northern Protestant Europe from Southern Catholic Europe. Latin America got its culture from Spain and Portugal at this time, and retained this culture – while Europe itself was changing.

The 15th Century culture they inherited from Spain and Portugal was ruthless – so ruthless it shocked their parent countries. But they tolerated this, as long as it supplied huge amounts of silver and gold. When this supply ended, they forgot about their American colonies.

They developed into corrupt, violent countries. There were attempts at reform, but they usually failed. One exception being Costa Rica, where I live.

Latin America is now inferior in almost every way – including ethically. Latinos know they are inferior (and are sensitive about this) – but have not tried to understand why. Except for their intellectuals, who understand their differences very well.

I must state also that they have a huge advantage – they still like people, and that is why I am living here. But let me return to my subject – the disadvantages of their culture.

In Latino culture in general – cheating is considered a normal part of life. In North America, it is an abnormal part of life. And this difference is what prevented their development of an advanced economy.

Their schools should be telling their students about these matters, but they are not.

Latinos seem to think they can become better, by adopting American popular culture – wearing American clothes and playing American music – at full volume.

It does not occur to them, that they have to change themselves.

The Rejection of Liberalism by The American People

Liberalism defined on Wikipedia

This tremendously important event was not noticed when it happened, in the last half of the last Century. I never noticed it, when I was there – even though it was happening all around me.

New forces were taking over – that we still do not understand – that were not liberal. And we were forbidden to notice what they were – so we didn’t.

They can be broadly defined as Authoritarian – exactly what Liberalism was designed to oppose. How did this happen?

New forms of Power had appeared – that seemed so simple at first, they were hardly noticed – new forms of entertainment, the Movies, and then that blockbuster – Television. The people who controlled them, controlled everything else. Simple as that.

My family had their own church, the RLDS church – that for my parents, was their whole world. Twenty years later – it was gone. The whole world, of which it was part – was gone!

The people of that world were gone also – vanished without a trace! And the people who were left, had no memory of them.

The Woman Mark Twain Thought Was the ‘Most Interesting That Ever Lived’

The Daily Beast

I really try to limit my postings – but this one is too good to pass up. Consider this:

That uniformity, reinforced by zealous, and profitable institutions, infuriated Mark Twain. The satirist believed Eddy was fleecing the masses. While considering her “the most interesting woman that ever lived,” he also found her “[g]rasping, sordid, penurious, famishing for everything she sees—money, power, glory—vain, untruthful, jealous, despotic, arrogant, insolent, pitiless where thinkers and hypnotists are concerned, illiterate, shallow, incapable of reasoning outside of commercial lines, immeasurably selfish.” In short, Mary Baker Eddy was the kind of American Twain believed Americans loved to love and he loved to hate to show how much he loved them.

It’s an easy fifteen minute read. Enjoy it.