Having Too Much Can Be Bad for You

I am not saying anything new here – but I think it needs to be said again, because this was one of the causes for America’s downfall.

“America’s downfall?” You may ask, “What kind of nut are you, to talk like this!” But it does seem to me that America, the land I was born into, has gone into a serious decline – and that is why I left it, and now live in Costa Rica.

Since then, I have asked myself, what was wrong with America? And the answer is not easy to come by. But it has something to do with Americans favoring their things over their people.

America became the most industrialized nation in the world – and the richest. But this did not make them better. This is an important point, and I want to dwell on it.

One of the results of Industrialization was its amazing ability to make things better and cheaper. I am using one of them now, as I have my espresso coffee for breakfast. This little machine is amazing, and was so cheap!

And I can go to a supermarket, pushing my shopping cart down the aisles, stocked with items of every description. The emotional impact of this is severe – and re-enforces the message that they are important – and not the person pushing the shopping cart – who is only a consumer.

He does have a plastic credit card, that pays for everything – but he is surrounded by a huge, invisible Financial System – that keeps telling him to buy more!

The emotional result is depression, as people realize they are not important.


Shell Companies

These have probably existed forever – organizations that claim to do one thing, but were set up by other organizations to do their work for them – in secret. These were common in palace intrigues the world over. Wikipedia has an excellent discussion of these.

In our time, one of the vital activities of any businessman or politician – is to figure out who is who – relationships that are constantly changing. They all know things are not as they seem.

Shell companies were part of Big Business, that developed late in the 19th Century, and early in the 20th. Industrialists (also known as Robber Barons) formed plenty of these – but it wasn’t too hard to figure out who was behind them – the guy who ended up with all the money.

With the coming of the Computer, and its Internet – Shell Companies became much harder to detect. Bin Laden used plenty of them – and his network spread everywhere.

People wanted the bad guys to be exposed – but not them, because they are often part of some scam or other themselves.

But separating the two can be difficult.

Critical Thinking

This is something most Americans no longer want to do.

They can think about the small problems of everyday life – but not the big problems that are doing them in.

They will react indignantly to anyone’s suggestion that their problem-solving powers are not up to the job. That they are in big trouble, because they cannot see what is going on. When this is clearly the case.

Their critical reasoning powers have moved into their unconscious minds – where they can act without being observed.

This discovery of the Unconscious was one of the major discoveries of our time – but this knowledge has been strongly resisted. I can remember my Mother saying, as strongly as she could “I am not an animal!” When she was the mother of four children, formed in the usual manner – by her unconscious body.

If I had access to her unconscious mind, I would have seen some powerful, conflicting forces – that she did not want to know about. The struggle of her entire race was going on there. A struggle reduced to its simplest elements – the life-and-death struggle between Good and Evil. In which I played a minor role.

This universal struggle has been played out in the last several centuries, all over the world – with puzzling results. The most important of which – has been our determination to not see this struggle at all! But to participate in it unconsciously.

In our own lives, we enact the struggle between Success and Failure. And it is not clear which one is going to win.

Americans did not Take Care of America

Late in the 20th Century, America stopped working – and Americans wondered why. The reason was simple – Americans were not interested in the future of America – only in their own future (that of themselves and their friends). Thinking about the future was too much of a bother – so they didn’t think about it.

This was a huge moral and intellectual failure – but they could ignore it, by insisting that the Economy was not about Morality! It was about making money – nothing else.

Morality and Making Money, however are closely related. And we don’t have to go back too far to see this – to the advent of Protestantism. That was very interested in Morality – and this resulted in Affluence also. The Market cannot work, unless Honesty is involved. Protestants were honest (scrupulously so) while the Catholics were not.

Latin America is now poor, and North America is rich. The exception being Costa Rica, who had leaders who were interested in the future of their country – and did something about it.

The Superficial Life

I keep asking myself “What are these people like?” These people being the Americans I grew up with – but was different from. I am strange that way – I want to know how things work. Most Americans don’t.

I’m left guessing what is going on in their minds. Without many clues available to me – and my first assumption is that they have no minds – or if they have them, they manage to conceal them very well. Which doesn’t tell me very much.

I have to go back to my original observation – they are not interested in what is going on. I am sure of that.

I have to ask myself “Why don’t they want to know?” And a lot of answers come to mind – such as “Things are so bad, they don’t want to know about them!” And this seems like a reasonable answer.

But not good enough – they do want to know some things, but only some things. Some filtering of their perceptions is going on – but what kind of filtering?

Here I have use my expertise in Software (in Artificial Intelligence) that does this all the time. It analyzes the inputs and outputs of any black box – and figures out what is probably going on inside it. Note that key word – probably.

I will now share what is probably going on in their minds – they are only interested in a superficial view of things. Nothing substantial.

I quote here from The Bounty Hunter of Wall Street:

In retrospect, it is not coincidental that 2015 was the year Left became famous. His tactics matched our mood. Most of us do not care about a random pharmaceutical company meeting its debt covenants. We care about getting medicine at a price we can afford. We don’t care about organic versus inorganic growth, but we worry that our kids will have no coverage if the Trump administration repeals Obamacare. Left’s very timely gift is to connect our daily human concerns to the convoluted operations of the economy, wrapping financial analysis in a moral, populist language that is calibrated precisely to draw maximum attention in a media environment in which screaming is the only way to be heard.

This superficial knowledge is the perfect knowledge.

Good and Evil

There seems to be a belief that these can be safely ignored. And indeed, should be ignored – by the right kind of people.

No one will admit this out loud – but it can be inferred from their actions. And from the kind of people they chose to be their leaders – Trump, for example. They are convinced that the right way to be, is to be a greedy as possible  – and anything else is foolish.

They have not thought this out – they do not do much thinking – but they can see everyone else doing it – and they are certain that it is the right way to be.

I must emphasize that this is their unconscious belief – that includes a strong belief that the unconscious does not exist! They have made themselves impervious to moral criticism.

Perhaps I should stop at this point – but I want to point out what the results of this moral deficiency will be – a collapse of the society that caused them. This kind of society cannot work.

To which you may reply “It’s working just fine, and I am taking full advantage of it – and am not concerned with those who are not!” If most people in the world cannot survive – good riddance to them!

But this ignores a basic fact – we all live together on one planet. If it dies, we all die.

Their reaction to this is amazing “The death of the Earth would be a fine ending for us. Let it happen!”

A New Force is In Control of the World

And it has taken control so easily, we were not aware of it.

It is the Media – or more precisely, the Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, etc.

It has taken control because it has made everything so easy for its users – they do not have to think, and they are reluctant to start thinking again.

This has made it very easy for other people to do their thinking for them.

As a result, all our money goes into Advertising – because this controls everything! And advertising, I don’t have to tell you – is not overly concerned with honesty.

Quite the opposite – it is concerned with making dishonesty work for those in control – the people who can pay for all those advertisements.