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The Kennedy Center


There is so much to see in the DC area! When I visited my cousin Al, in the DC area, for three weeks – I went someplace different every day, but never heard of this place!

The National Symphony Orchestra, is not highly rated – but the competition in that space is extremely formidable.

Leonard Bernstein’s Omnibus, Beethoven’s Fifth

I have been waiting for this for quite a while. I saw the original on TV – and like everyone else was mesmerized by America’s latest genius. This guy directs with his whole body!

This video shows its superiority over an audio recording – an amazing technology in its time. I had stacks of LP records. And they helped me through some rough times.

I hope you can see the whole thing – even if you haven’t subscribed to the service.


This is a huge subject, but I want to concentrate on two areas – classical music and software development.

Classical Music

Nietzsche,  that strange genius, touches on this (and much else) according to Tanner, Michael, in his book, Nietzsche: A Very Short Introduction.

The mere use of the concept of style is enough to make us think of given frameworks within which people work, achieving individuality thanks to the support which the framework offers. An obvious case is the Classical Style in music, as manifest from Haydn through Mozart and Beethoven, petering out at some indeterminate point. The constraints of that style were rigorous, but one cannot imagine any one of those three composers thriving without it. They were able to be themselves because so much was already given. It is in the tension between the style which was available to anyone at the time, and which we can see working perfectly satisfactorily without producing works of genius in the hands of, say, Hummel, who owes it entirely to the style available to him that he can be worthwhile at all, and the strongly defined individualities of its great masters that we locate its supreme achievements.

I am still devoted to Classical music, that was written over a hundred years ago – and is still being performed today, with the musicians wearing clothing of the period. But I am also impressed by the recent developments in software development.

Software Development

What a strange place this is! In my attempt to understand it I am taking a MOOC – friends, money, bytes – which begins with an overview, showing how complicated it is! A lot of stuff is hidden here. Lots of room there for people to hide a weenie.

I am also studying the Java programing language and the Netbeans IDE – which provides an integrated environment for program development – a framework, in effect. After floundering around for awhile – there are so many tools available! I have settled on this one. They don’t mind holding your hand while you learn.

An alternative is Javascript – which is being pushed very hard – but doesn’t feel right to me.



I am so ignorant of popular music, I had too look her up on Wikipedia – that soon set me straight.

After a careful reading of her early life – I probably know more about her than most of her fans.

Here is the first paragraph:

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles was born in Houston, Texas, to Celestine “Tina” Knowles (née Beyincé), a hairdresser and salon owner, and Mathew Knowles, a Xerox sales manager.[20] Beyoncé’s name is a tribute to her mother’s maiden name.[21] Beyoncé’s younger sister Solange is also a singer and a former member of Destiny’s Child. Mathew is African-American, while Tina is of Louisiana Creole descent (with African, Native American, French, Cajun, and distant Irish and Spanish ancestry).[21][22][23][24] Through her mother, Beyoncé is a descendant of Acadian leader Joseph Broussard.[23] She was raised in a Methodist household.

Another product of the American Melting Pot!

Making People Feel Good

There is nothing wrong with people feeling good – but there is a lot wrong with making them bad – by making them feel good.

“How can this be?” People will say – as though they never heard of the idea before – when it has been around for thousands of years. In the Old Testament of the Bible, for example.

The young of our global culture are especially prone to this. You can see them everywhere – with earbuds plugged into their ears – listing to music on their smartphones. Without a thought in their heads.

But as the older generation – quite a bit older – I did the same thing myself, when I was young. We discovered high-fidelity stereo music – and were hooked on it. I could not live without my LP records and my headphones. They made me feel better than being with a girl did.

Much later, in the Nineties in Silicon Valley – I went into therapy. There were all kinds of therapists around – and their main objective was to make you feel better. Without bothering with what made you feel bad – Silicon Valley itself. They were not part of a solution – they were part of the problem.

TV does the same thing – its sitcoms are designed to make you feel good – and susceptible to unconscious orders at the same time. They show you how to be simple-minded.

Who Was This Prince?

The New Yorker

I never heard of him before – but plenty of other people had.

In these videos, it is clear that he could not be separated from the frenzy of his performances. Including a Superbowl performance in the rain!

Be Slightly Drunk in the Afternoon

I use two drugs – Caffeine and Alcohol.  I prefer Caffeine in the morning and Alcohol in the afternoon.

Along with another addiction – reading and writing. I use the Kindle App for PC for my reading (I have a huge Kindle library, that lives on the Cloud) and for my writing (it lets advertisers search my writing, I am sure – but it costs me nothing).

I also use Audible for recorded books, which I play back on a Sansa Clip-Zip player. I can listen to it, with my eyes closed, laying on a bed – listening to the world’s best literature.

I subscribe to medici. tv, which has a huge library of recorded classical music. Right now, I am watching Anna Netbrebko (scantly clad, singing Russian songs) and Daniel Barenboim (fully clothed, at the piano).

It’s not as good as sex used to be – but at my age, I can’t complain.