Being Good to People is Wrong

Maybe I should call this the Triumph of Trump. Because for most Americans, he represents the ideal American – since he is the opposite of what he should be.

Typical Americans are the same way – the opposite of what they should be. With one important addition – they are unaware of this.

This diagnosis is simple – so simple you have a right to be suspicious of it. How come no one else thought of this? Because it’s hard to believe that everyone (or almost everyone) could be this way.

People have no difficulty accepting the triumph of Christianity, because this makes them feel good. But my theory does not.

We know switches can be set in the brain – from the study of Linguistics. The Grammar of different languages (the way the brain is organized to comprehend them) is set one way or the other, depending on the language in use. The many exceptions in every language work this way – any small child learns them easily, stores these settings in her mind, and does not forget them.

It seems reasonable to me, that a switch could be set in the moral reasoning of the brain – to make good appear bad. This happens in the unconscious mind – so people are not aware of it.

This explains why many people deny the existence of the unconscious. They are not bad, they are sure – when they clearly are.

It also explains how Americans are not bothered by hostile social settings, such as those found in many offices. Because this feels normal to them, and not hostile at all.


The World We Grew Up In

The world we grew up in is no longer – but we are not allowed to know this.

Here I am repeating my favorite theme, which you must be tired of hearing me saying – that the world has ended, and with that ending the people in it ended also.

You will hear all kinds of people saying just the opposite – that we have never been better off. And they have lots of statistics backing them up. I think they are whistling in the dark, trying to keep their courage up, so they won’t kill themselves in despair.

Let me return to my theme – that the world we grew up in is no longer. This is a shocking situation, and should result in a primitive gut-level response – we should be shocked! But we are not. Something has interfered with our knowing this.

A very big something that we cannot begin to cope with. What is it?

One approach has been taken by economists, who are tired of being forced to say nothing. I am reading Saving Capitalism by Robert Reich, and his attitude is refreshing. He is saying, in effect, “We gotta fight back!”

His audience, if they could hear him, would say “Who, us? Sorry, but we can do no such thing. Take your problems elsewhere.”

And that’s not all – his audience is not hearing him because they do not read! They can read, of course – they just don’t. And they object violently to anyone noticing that they prefer not to. They like to pretend they are literate – when they are not!

They have regressed back to before they became literate – to before there was a Modern World – which they do not know even existed. They have destroyed their sense of time – without which History is impossible!

In short – they have ceased to exist – and are extremely proud of this accomplishment – which seems to them,  to have solved all their problems!

Badness is Goodness

This is not just a casual observation – it is the fundamental law of how things work. It explains why things do not work – in our time.

Lots of people have noticed how things are not working – in all kinds of ways. But no one (as far as I know) has noticed that nothing is working. That badness has taken over.

I must pause to explain the difference between conscious awareness and unconscious awareness. Most of our functioning is unconscious – our bodies go about their exceedingly complicated business without the central nervous system getting in the way.

But some animals developed a brain to help regulate all this – often by producing hormones, which flow through the blood. The discovery of these hormones were some of the major discoveries of modern science. But their discovery has not always been well-received.

For example, the discovery of the sexual arousal hormone – one of the many hormones generated by the brain. In humans, sexual arousal is mainly caused by visual cues – in contrast to the olfactory cues ‘in most animals. But the result is the same – engorgement of the sexual organs with blood. This is most striking in the male, but it also occurs in the female, to make her sexually receptive. It takes two to tango – but once it happens, it proceeds automatically.

People do not want to admit that they are driven by their hormones. They want everything to happen because of their conscious minds. There may be other forces at work, they admit – but these should be to be under their conscious, mental control.

I hardly need tell you, dear reader, that things do not work this way – and never have. Our emotions are always in control. And our emotions are often caused by our chemistry – our hormones.

But I have digressed – I started to write about badness and goodness – about morality. And how badness is now in control. With no one realizing it. What happened?

This was a long process, lasting centuries – which made it difficult for us to be aware of it. And now it has happened, makes it easy for us to deny that it happened.

But what happened was not all that complicated – we became more powerful because of all our new technologies – a whole explosion of them in the middle of the 19th Century. And we assumed this power made us superhuman – and this caused the moral codes to be reversed – bad became good. At least for our kind of people – and we could abuse the other kind of people.

There was nothing new about this – empires have always exploited their subjects. But the latest empire (globalization) was different – and resulted in a global Economy – where power was hard to get (especially for undeveloped countries) but still easy to detect. And if you had power, you had everything – and you didn’t hesitate to use it.

And I must emphasize, once again, that this was unconscious reasoning – which made it easy for them to deny (that what the unconscious is for). But anyone can easily deduce what it is – by carefully observing their overt behavior.

We Could Have Done Something Wonderful

The Computer could have been mankind’s crowning achievement – but it became our final disaster instead.

Obviously, I don’t accept the conventional wisdom that takes a rosier view of things. As I see it, we are in our final nose-dive. This doesn’t mean we are finished – there will still be plenty of people around – but the highly advanced civilization we have built is too unstable to last – as it is.

It is going to collapse, it is collapsing. It remains to be seen how deep this collapse will be.

I am constantly amazed at the difference between the people who know what is going on – there are many courses available on the Web, for example. And the vast majority who do not. And don’t want to know – anything. This, it seems to me is our biggest problem. A people who are determined to be everything they are not supposed to be. To put this another way – they are afraid to be.

Every people has a goal towards which they strive – although they are usually not aware of it. Although it would be more correct to say they have goals towards which they strive. But these goals are interrelated – in some complex ways.

In fact, the study of Complexity is one recent activity that has great promise. And is one of the things that may save us – if we take it seriously. What it says basically is – that everything is related to everything else. And that means everything. But people ignore this, and continue to assume that they are an exception – and can take more then they give.

They have been getting away with this for hundreds of years – robbing the earth of its resources. And they are determined to continue to do it – and there is no way of stopping them. It will take a global collapse to force them to change their destructive ways. Because they will have no other choice.

I return to the Computer – which I am using right now to write in this blog. It has given us tremendous advantages (a gift from the gods, really) – but has also amplified our human problems – especially the problem of Greed.

Negative Progress

This is only an idea, but an idea Americans have adopted passionately. Without being consciously aware of it at all.

It is easiest for me, when I am dealing with them, to tell myself  “Remember, they are nothing.” Because that way I don’t get upset with their frustrating behavior.

When I had time to think about it, however, I realized they have adopted a more sophisticated strategy – where their objectives, and their morality, are the reverse of what they had been for thousands of years. And this seems, to them, is a big improvement. And means they are the most advanced people in history – and not the most degenerate.

What I am talking about here is unconscious behavior – something they deny completely. They insist that what they are is what is on their surface – there is nothing deeper.

This is astonishing. It amounts to saying there are no patterns in human behavior – or indeed, anywhere else in the world. There is only one pattern – the race to the bottom. Which they are completely involved in – and deny completely.

They Are Not Connected to Anything Else

A fundamental fact of any organization is its connectedness – everything is connected to everything else. This is what makes it an organization. And in life-forms, this connectivity is carried to new levels.

Since being obsessed with the Computer we tend to think in terms of of information – but one of its key features is its networks – that turned it into a supercomputer that covers the whole world.

This was a capability that the forces of evil in the world quickly took advantage of. The forces for good have not been so apt (as they usually are not) but they are catching on to it also. I am taking two MOOCs now – one of them about connections. And, of course I have this blog, which is very active – at least on my part. I am connected – and I like being that way.

One of my favorite activities is writing about them – the strange people that now populate most of the world. Human Culture has gone through a strange evolution – being heavily affected by our technologies. Which have not made us better. And which have turned us into strange creatures – which seem to me, to not be human at all.

One of the characteristics of these creatures is that they are not connected to anything. But live in an alternative reality where connections are not necessary – or even desirable. Which means they do not exist, they are not real. But to their way of thinking they are better than real.

This is a strange situation – to say the least. And will  take some explaining. But that is what I do – I try to explain everything. A job that keeps me constantly amused.

One of the characteristics of the new state of affairs is its destructiveness. Millions of people are being destroyed. For a variety of reasons – the main one being that no one wants them around. There are just too many people in the world – and the loss of a few million of them, here and there, is not seen as any big deal.

This is related to something else:

No one is responsible for anything anymore.

This is not what I believe – I still believe in old-fashioned morality – but what they believe – in their alternative reality – where values are reversed.

It took me quite awhile to realize this – but once I did – I understood things much better. To their way of thinking, they are perfect – while to my way of thinking they are horrible.

And the gap cannot be bridged.

People Have Become an Accessory to The Computer

This meaning of accessory is given by the Merriam-Webster Unabridged as
A person who is not actually or constructively present but contributes as an assistant or instigator to the commission of an offense.
The offense here being a crime against humanity – the reversal of values that turned people into anti-people. Without there being aware of this at all.

I know this sounds completely wacky – but for the life of me I cannot think of a better explanation for what is going on. Especially in the States, the home of the Computer.

It didn’t have to turn out this way – we could have come to our senses, realized where we were – and taken a different tack. But the disasters of the 20th Century – WWI, WWI, and the Cold War – coming after many events in the 19th Century – made us stupid. A concept right out of Greek mythology.

We inherited our culture from Christianity – which did not believe in Fate. A serious mistake.

In the MOOC on the Ancient Greek Hero, I refer you to this passage – which is much too long for me to quote here. But here is part of it:
By now the Achaeans have been saying these words [mūthos] to me many times, |86 and they have been blaming me. But I am not responsible [aitios]. |87 No, those who are really responsible are Zeus and Fate [Moira] and the Fury [Erinys] who roams in the mist. |88 They are the ones who, at the public assembly, had put savage derangement [atē] into my thinking [phrenes] |89 on that day when I myself deprived Achilles of his honorific portion [geras]. |90 But what could I do? The god is the one who brings everything to its fulfillment [teleutân]. |91 That goddess Atē, senior daughter of Zeus – she makes everyone veer off-course [aâsthai], |92 that disastrous one [oulomenē], the one who has delicate steps.

How many times have I heard this “I am not responsible! Bad things may be going on, but I (and the people I identify with) are not responsible for them.”

The Greeks could blame the gods, but we simply resort to denial.

I insist on examining our relationship to the Computer – the perfect Machine – but also, in our time, the embodiment of Fate.

The present situation is complicated – or more accurately, complex. But we have not thought of it in terms of irresponsibility,

We really should.