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Facebook and Twitter ‘Harm Young People’s Mental Health’


Being a blogger is easy – all you have to do is judge between all the input that crowds into your inbox. And the choice here was easy. I have been thinking the same thing – and was happy to find some company.

Click on the link to the Guardian at the top, to read the whole article. This concerns the effects on British youth – but the companies mentioned are all American.

The Brits have been impacted by Americanism – and they are not sure they like it.

A Survivor of Grief Tells Her Own Story

Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy

What a terrible title! A better title would be “Success didn’t mean much to me, after my husband died.” But no publisher would have touched it.

People only want to hear good news, not bad news – such as the oldest fact of all – we all die, and this causes suffering to the loved ones we leave behind. Life is full of pain that cannot be eradicated. And we have to recognize this.

The only solution, and a common one – is not to love at all. Or only pretend to love, and pretend it is real.

I have to plead guilty to that charge. I was married to a woman who could not love me – and I married her knowing that. When she died, I did not suffer much. And was even relieved to finally get rid of her memory.

Her story is more complicated. She knew she was overreacting to the death of her husband, but could not help herself. This is also a common story – we are in the grip of forces we cannot understand. The best we can do is recognize this – recognize our craziness. And even write about it.

Which she has done.

Empathy and Redemption

Open Democracy

This article is about pain – socially-induced pain, the most common kind – and how it can mess up the brain. When that is messed up, the rest of you is messed up as well – completely messed up.

To put this another way – punishment is not the answer. We can keep making jails until hell freezes over – without fixing anything.

The Greatest Accomplishment Ever

Is the ability to not be.

How to be this way, is being demonstrated for me – over and over, by almost everyone. To my complete amazement.

If I try to explain this, I get nowhere – they are completely incapable of understanding who they are.  Which makes perfect sense, actually – no being means no understanding.

However, and this is where it gets really interesting – in their minds, knowing nothing is the same as knowing everything. And they feel vastly superior to ordinary people – who only know a little.

I can’t quit my Job, and I can’t quit my Depression

The Border Between

I have walked in this gal’s shoes – back in the Nineties, in Silicon Valley.

They gave me Prozac (the wonder-drug of the time) for my depression – starting at 10 milligram, when the normal dose was 20. Over the next years years, they kept increasing the dose – up to 50 mg. – and alarmingly high dose. Then they ran some tests and found Prozac was no better than a placebo. I stopped taking it entirely – and suffered no withdrawal effects.

I had a number of therapists in the Valley – you can find nearly every kind there – and they did me no good either. I kept telling them my problem was my job – but they could not imagine what I was talking about.

Was I saying there was something seriously wrong with the Valley? Heavens forbid!


I am reading The Psychopath Test – and I am quoting from it:

DSM-III was a sensation. Along with its revised edition, it sold more than a million copies. Sales to civilians hugely outweighed sales to professionals. Many more copies were sold than psychiatrists existed. All over the western world people began using the checklists to diagnose themselves. For many of them it was a godsend. Something was categorically wrong with them and finally their suffering had a name. It was truly a revolution in psychiatry, and a gold rush for drug companies, who suddenly had hundreds of new disorders they could invent medications for, millions of new patients they could treat.

It was followed by DSM-IV and DSM-V – also best-sellers.

I once knew a young man who had an emotional crisis – he realized he was gay, fell in love – and was abandoned by his lover. But he was lucky, and found a therapist who could help him.

I lost contact with him for awhile, and when I met him again – I was shocked to discover he had abandoned his therapist, and picked up different problems – that seemed to me, to be worse than the one he had.

He also found another therapist, who after one visit, gave him an impressive diagnosis. He immediately looked it up in the DSM – and told me, proudly – that is was very painful.

When I last met him, he was no better.


Americans are afraid – and this is their dominant motivator.

What are they afraid of? Fear itself – that is everywhere and nowhere. They have not analyzed what they are afraid of – they are not capable of that. And their inability to do this – makes their fear even worse.

Huge power structures resulted from Industrialization, in the 19th Century – and have gotten even more powerful in today’s Computer World. People are right to be afraid of this – even if they cannot put their fingers on what it is.

I used to think that Software would save the world – really! That somehow it would enforce our rational nature and overcome our irrational nature. There was even a company called Rational Software that tried to do this – but failed completely, and was bought up by IBM.

IBM’s software enforces conformity completely – anyone different is cast into the outer darkness!