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The Computer is Part of the World

One of the great discoveries of the Modern World was Scientific Reality – as opposed to the Religious Reality that preceded it. The Computer, that arrived centuries later, was one of its products. To be good at Software technology (the stuff that runs the Computer) you gotta be very good at understanding that small world.

Scientists believe in one world. Contemporary people (a strange mix of many kinds of people) believe in many worlds – contained in many different minds. Although they all believe their world is the right one.

I once observed a passenger ship disgorge its passengers into a couple of the harbor towns of Costa Rica. There were almost more passengers than residents in the town. One busload was robbed, and one tourist killed. The tourists thought their money belonged to them, but some of the locals thought otherwise.

This was an unfortunate attempt to blend two worlds – but this happens all the time, across the globe.

With fighters, helicopters, and drones wreaking havoc on those less-well equipped.

Understanding the Brain: The Neurobiology of Everyday Life


This link is to the opening lecture of the class – an amazing story in itself.

What is even more amazing – is the reluctance of most people to take classes like this.

What is going on in their collective minds? Your guess is a good as mine.

A Machine is Not Alive, but It Can Operate Anyway

I am still trying to understand what a machine is. But the proper way to go at this, is to do it the other way around – understanding how Life operates first. And this means understanding how the Cell operates.

One of the many books cluttering up my desk is one on Cognitive Neuroscience. Which begins by looking at the cells in the brain – neurons. These highly specialized cells have a cell body that is the same as any other cell – containing many microorganisms, containing millions of complicated compounds, busily interacting with each other, many times a second. In a word, a cell is alive – and this is the basis of Life itself.

This is what Science teaches us – but People are not interested in Science. They want a simple story, something their minds can understand easily – God created the World!

I will not go into this controversy here – but go back to the basis of life – that like anything else, is composed of atoms and molecules. Living organisms organize them one way (an extremely complex way) and machines another way – that is much simpler.

And I will note one thing more – people create machines, they cannot create themselves. But when they reach a certain level of organization, such as the Railroads in the 19th Century, this process reverses – and the machines take control of the people – and the people become like them.

Without realizing this at all.

The Trouble with Quantum Mechanics

NY Review of Books

My poor brain is so stuffed with information, from all my reading, it can hardly function. Our world is indeed the best of all worlds, and the worst of all worlds. It’s no wonder we have gone crazy.

This article is not a review of a book, but an independent article it thinks everyone should know about. Or at least everyone who reads – maybe one percent of the population.

Someone Has to be Running the World

People are religious beings, but science has not taken this into account. And this has resulted in a basic conflict that must be resolved.

Nietzsche enjoyed considerable notoriety when he said “God is Dead!” But this did him little good when he lost his mind – as religious people like to point out.

And no one, as far as I know, has tried to elucidate this problem – which has gotten worse. People will have their supernatural beings, no matter what – but they also want the material comforts (and health benefits) that Science has brought them. And they don’t know how to have both.

This problem has been a long time coming. And has reached a complete bottleneck, because people do not want to think about it – or much of anything at all. For many practical purposes – they are dead! Denying God has deadened people, because they don’t know how to function without Him.

“This only applies to some people!” You may say – but these people are the vast majority, who now have political control – as the latest election has shown. They want easy answers to everything – the kind of answers that religion can provide.

Allow me to state the problem again – people must have supernatural beings in control of everything. And access to these beings must be easy. And some would add: easy and certain. This is not an easy requirement to meet – because we know next to nothing about the human mind – that makes these requirements.

There is no lack of people who think they know how it works – but You and Me: The Neuroscience of Identity shows they are wrong – on multiple counts.

Allow me to state again – the human mind makes religious requirements – and these must be met. But since these requirements have been shoved into the Collective Unconscious – they cannot even be considered.

And people are destroying their world, as a result.

For Them, 100 Years From Now – Does Not Exist

I’m sure cognitive psychologists have demonstrated this conclusively with some clever experiments. And have probably showed a much shorter timescale is in operation. People cannot see very far in the future at all – and don’t want to, because what they see out there is too disturbing.

The NY Times says we must convince the Republicans, now that they control the government – of the importance of Global Warming. But they will ask something like “How long will it take before Florida is underwater?” If the answer is “Maybe 100 years.” They will say “Not my problem!”

When, without much analysis, we can see what they are really saying is “That far away does not exist, so don’t talk to me about it!” No doubt the two variables interact – the scarier the future looks – the shorter they can look into it.

The same applies to Science – they no longer believe in it – partly because it uses a time scale, and a space scale, that extends logarithmically in all directions. Something they cannot comprehend.

This was the big discovery of the Modern World – that they want to abandon.

The World Cannot be Understood – and For This Reason, Must be Destroyed

Humans are thinking beings – but some of our thinking is rather strange. As our many varieties of mental illness attest.

I cannot explain our latest destructive conclusion – that reasoning is buried somewhere in the human mind, where it is inaccessible.

But we can start with something undeniable – that we are religious beings, and have to believe in something. It doesn’t seem to matter what it is – but this belief has to be certain – or we go crazy.

We can add something else, that came along recently – the Enlightenment belief in Reason. That yielded the many Scientific advances (including health benefits) that our contemporary society was built on. And – economic affluence!

Overlooked in all this was our religious beliefs. That have taken a beating! People are asking themselves “What can I believe in?”

The usual answer “You do not have to believe in anything!” Is profoundly unsatisfying. And prompts the destruction of the society that proposes it. The believers are destroying the nonbelievers – in their temple of reasonableness.

They do not know what they believe in – but that is not necessary – they are simply destroying everything they can get their hands on!

They think they are the best people possible – when they are the worst!