Fractured: A First Date

NY Times

It’s hard to write about sex, it’s so fundamental – but this gal has a great sense of humor. She’s part of the New York City creative scene, which is practically exploding with talent. She’s also honest, and not afraid to show us what she is really like.

I wonder how long she can keep this up.


The Self-Destruction of the Democratic Party

I am reading Listen, Liberal: Or, What Ever Happened to the Party of the People? Thomas Frank, as usual, is doing a good job of roasting his liberals. You ought to read it.

But he misses something important – the rise of the Information economy – which is really the Computer economy. Which everyone is ignoring – even as it eats their lunch. They are determined not to know – especially about the Computer.

The Democratic Party was one of its victims. They served it (and its trade agreements) with all their might – only to have their Savior turn on them. But for them, this is only natural – they have been bad (by not attaining perfection) and they are being punished for it.

By contrast, I am learning about the Computer – and I have a good feel for what it is. I have gotten in bed with it – but have not gone all the way.

This has completely messed up my sex life – but at my age, that hardly matters.


NY Times – To catch a rapist

This is a long read, because it goes into the subject thoroughly. I hardly need tell you that this is unusual.

The way these cases have been handled in the past has been a national disgrace.  But progress has been made.

Consider this:

‘‘Virtually all sexual-assault victims want validation from the authorities that the crime occurred, and this may be a more critical element of a successful response and investigation than a criminal prosecution or conviction. Regardless of the investigative results, responding officers and investigators have the power to help a person heal from sexual assault.’’


I picked up a Spanx catalog (for free) when I got my weekly mail from a company that flies it from Miami to Costa Rica. I have a cleaning lady who cleans my apartment once a week – and she likes to get woman’s fashion magazines – and the raunchier the better. She and her friends like to see how much American women can get away with.

On the cover it says:

Indulge without the bulge!

The first pages show CEO Sara Blakely at the White House – where, we are told, she and the First Lady are both wearing their Spanx!

Pure hype, of course – but Americans (including American women) are so used to this that it doesn’t faze them! They even buy this stuff – even though it must make it hard for them to piss!

Literature of Desire

I am listening to two novels Love in the Time of Cholera and The Sound of Things Falling. Both originally written in Spanish. In these, Love doesn’t just make the world go ’round – Love is the world itself.

I am also reading (as if that wasn’t enough) Anti-Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia. In which desire is fundamental to its philosophy.

Philosophy and Literature have been united for a long time – but especially by Sartre, whose best work was his novels and plays. Also of course, for the ladies Simone de Beauvoir – who was politically active.

Absent from all of these is American input. America has gone on a route of its own – with little interest in the rest of the world. And indeed, little interest in itself. We seem obsessed with power – and feel if we have that little else matters.

Desire has been transformed into sex, and lots of it, in the Business world. And, in the Religious world – a new puritanical impulse seems to be taking hold – on the surface, with lots of perversions underneath that.

Men Didn’t Take Care of Women, so Women Got Even With Them

This is am important dynamic in our so-called Liberal Democracy – which is not working – and cannot be made to work. There are many reasons for this – and the War between the Sexes is one of them.

I have ignored the problem myself, thinking it was too big a problem for me to handle – but that was a mistake, perhaps the biggest in my life. Now, late in life, when it is too late to do anything about it – I have decided to write about it.

It all began with the best of intentions, when the Women’s Movement demanded Woman’s Rights – which they were granted, reluctantly and slowly. And which many still resent. (The Equal Rights Amendment has never passed.)

The next step was predictable enough, even in advance, but after it happened – few will admit that it has happened. Even ardent feminists. Women turned against Men – in a Mass Movement.

Mass movements were an important development that emerged about the same time as the Assembly Line – and were probably influenced by it. And resulted in a new social class – the Mass. Which Soviet Communism called the Workers, and claimed as its own. It claimed it had no sexual discrimination – which, in many ways was true. Except at the upper levels of politics.

But let me return to the present – to the world I was born into – to a mother that hated me, and her husband. The last time I saw her, sometime in the Seventies, she was dying of cancer – but she made it absolutely clear to me, that as far as she was concerned – I did not exist! This went back to my grandmother’s generation – on both sides of the family. They hated their men – and indeed, their daughters as well!

This was not a situation that could last – and as I have already said – resulted in a society that could not last either.

Islam considers this one of its advantages – it has always keep its women strictly subordinated. And has no intention of changing this. In Afghanistan, the Soviets, and then the Americans, have tried to change this.

With no success.