Being Happy is Making Lots of Money

Coursera – top jobs for happy computer scientists

I worked with these guys in Silicon Valley, in the Nineties – and saw how immoral (and incompetent) they were.

Perhaps conditions have improved there, and programmers can now find satisfaction in doing a good job.

These MOOCs are taught by Universities in the U.S. mainly. None of them are taught by Universities in Latin America. These are hopelessly out of date, unlikely to recover – and can’t understand why. They were left behind by the Industrial Revolution – and are being left behind by the Computer Revolution.

They are also some of the most violent countries in the world – frustration and violence often go together.

What Microsoft is Doing Right

I am doing the Visual Studio IDE feature tour. You might check it out.

This needs to be updated badly, but I can see what great things this combination can do – the Visual Studio IDE, the .net frameworks, and the C# language.

I was just talking to a friend of mine yesterday, whose son is looking for a career in Computers. Having no idea of what is involved. He just thinks it would be easy money.

The Computer companies are hard at work, making this skill easier to learn – but no matter how easy they make it – Software Development takes a lot of thinking. And people who cannot think will not make it there.

The person doing the thinking has to decide – what kind of app he wants to make. And there are a lot of different kinds of apps (and a lot of different frameworks) to chose from. You have to chose the framework – it will not chose you. Once you make the choice, it will do a lot of the grunt work for you. But it still needs a smart person to work with – to make all the smart decisions that remain.

The American dream – that all it takes is the right person, to get ahead – no longer works. You need to be with the right people, with the right stuff.

The Rejection of Liberalism by The American People

Liberalism defined on Wikipedia

This tremendously important event was not noticed when it happened, in the last half of the last Century. I never noticed it, when I was there – even though it was happening all around me.

New forces were taking over – that we still do not understand – that were not liberal. And we were forbidden to notice what they were – so we didn’t.

They can be broadly defined as Authoritarian – exactly what Liberalism was designed to oppose. How did this happen?

New forms of Power had appeared – that seemed so simple at first, they were hardly noticed – new forms of entertainment, the Movies, and then that blockbuster – Television. The people who controlled them, controlled everything else. Simple as that.

My family had their own church, the RLDS church – that for my parents, was their whole world. Twenty years later – it was gone. The whole world, of which it was part – was gone!

The people of that world were gone also – vanished without a trace! And the people who were left, had no memory of them.

The Decision to Not Decide

The Great Society was a conscious decision by LBJ, and his allies, to build a better society. But this failed miserably.

Americans took note of this and decided on a better plan – to not have a plan at all, but to let things work out on their own. And let powerful people be the strongest force in their society. There would still be programs to help the rest of the people, but their funding would be limited.

The result was that America became much less powerful! This was hardly surprising, since these powerful people were only interested in themselves – and they were only a small percentage of the population. But Americans in general did not understand this – and they decided the solution was more of the same!

Their logic was simple, but defective – and was allowed to stand, because it was never put into words, and examined. Instead, Americans decided that – no thinking would be allowed at all – and they enforced this decision vigorously. The worst decision possible.

And the rest of the world followed its example – giving power to a few, and leaving the rest to fend for themselves. The rest, however, demanded strong men to rule over them – making the situation even worse.

There were a few (like me) who pointed out these fallacies – but we were ignored, and still are ignored. They have decided only power is important – and their decision to not decide for themselves, was not important at all!

They Don’t Want to Understand, or Be Understood

Why on earth do I have to keep writing about my thoughts? Why do I want to be understood?

I have no answers, except “I just have to do it.” And I am shocked by the condition of most of the people I know – who are suffering from a multitude of emotional and social problems. But don’t want to know this.

The solution for all our problems, it seems to me, would be for us, all of us – to decide to be good to each other. Is this too much to ask? The answer, unfortunately – is yes!

Something else is more important – but we cannot say what that is. We just know it is – and is much more important than we are. And it doesn’t want for us to know what it is.

It is clearly some kind of deity, similar to the Old Testament God – to which, has been added some powerful new technologies. A strange mixture of the archaic and the modern, that is profoundly attractive to our unconscious minds – and has us in its thrall.

Its results, in operation, are all around us – and reported on the media constantly. But people cannot understand this – because they are afraid to. The Fear of God is in them – a God more powerful than anything before Him.

Does this sound familiar? It should, because warnings against this were very common in the 19th Century, and early 20th Century. It was preached from every pulpit, included in the Transcendentalist Philosophy, and in every popular novel.

But suddenly, in the middle of the 20th Century – these voices became silent. Other voices took over, and other images – that of the TV and the Smartphone. That we could not resist. They spoke to us with the voice (and image) of God!

This was not thought of, as a religion – but it was. The most powerful religion ever – even if it was secular. It had money behind it, and it had jobs! And it was turning its people into idiots.

Bad Guys Have some Huge Advantages

And they know it! And everyone else knows it too! This would not be true in a good world – but we live in a bad world!

That last sentence bears repeating:

We live in a bad world!

But people are strangely reticent about this – and prefer to believe just the opposite – that the world is good, even though they know this is not true – and acting as though it was, is a sure-fire recipe for a disaster.

They know this – but they know that can get away with it. Things may not be so good tomorrow – but tomorrow has not come yet.

Microsoft Software, the Good and the Bad

When you are mixing with the Software crowd, you are mixing with the Good and the Bad, all mixed in together. And it is hard to separate the truth from the lies.

I have decided to reacquaint myself with the latest in Software Development – and my first decision was “Who do I want to get in bed with?” I’m going to be had, no matter what – but who will give me the best experience? Got the picture?

Microsoft is no guardian angel – it’s more like the other kind. But it has blundered into a position of market dominance. And has gradually realized that it has to help all the software developers, who are writing software, for everyone else to consume. Their users can barely count to ten, without using their fingers – and they need software to help them.

There are two classes of people in the world – those that produce content, and those that consume it. And the gap between them is huge. I have decided to be on the side of the producers – but not make too big a deal of it. I’m getting in bed, and doing what people do there – but doing it quietly.

I am taking Microsoft’s Visual Studio series of courses – for free. Using Visual Studio 2017 Community – the free version. You should be able to use it, right out of the box – but first you have to customize it, which isn’t too hard – but you have to do this, before you can take the courses.

These show you how to use the .net framework – a huge thing that Microsoft developed for its developers – and decided to make it available for everyone. And use the C# language – another big thing, that does everything – including everything Java does. Another big thing by a competitor, Oracle.

You must have noticed that I am using the word big here a lot. Software is the elephant in the living room – everyone is ignoring, even while it shits all over them.

I have decided to be on the side that does the shitting.