Facebook and Twitter ‘Harm Young People’s Mental Health’


Being a blogger is easy – all you have to do is judge between all the input that crowds into your inbox. And the choice here was easy. I have been thinking the same thing – and was happy to find some company.

Click on the link to the Guardian at the top, to read the whole article. This concerns the effects on British youth – but the companies mentioned are all American.

The Brits have been impacted by Americanism – and they are not sure they like it.

The Inventor of the Presidency

NY Review

This is an upbeat biography. Other biographers have noticed the George was acting a part – which made it difficult for them to determine who he really was.

These writers consider this an advantage. The role he was acting out became the American presidency.

Since Article II of the Constitution is very brief and vague on the duties of the president, Washington faced the awesome task of fashioning the character and responsibilities of the office. In effect, he created the presidency and in the process, as Breen says, invented “a republican theater of politics” for the new nation. Washington loved the theater and often attended it for entertainment and relaxation. He commonly saw himself as an actor on stage and was always concerned with maintaining appearances. As John Adams later lamented, Washington had all the political talents that he, Adams, lacked. Washington had the gift of silence and had mastered “the theatrical exhibitions of politics.” He may not have been the greatest president, said Adams, but certainly “he was the best actor of presidency we have ever had.”

Washington used theatrical imagery everywhere in his writings. He described the creation of the Constitution, for example, as a great “Drama,” greater “than has heretofore been brought on the American Stage, or any other in the World.” As president he was obsessed by what he should wear, how he should meet the public, what kind of coach he should appear in. He was keenly aware that as the first chief executive he was entering “untrodden ground” and that he was setting precedents for future presidents. These precedents, he told James Madison, therefore had to be “fixed on true principles.” Since the United States was the largest republic since the fall of Rome, the government’s fate might actually determine the future of popular government for all time. “The eyes of America—perhaps of the world—,” said Washington, “are turned to this Government; and many are watching the movements of all those who are concerned with its Administration.”

Washington decided he had to travel in the newly formed States to strengthen their attachment to the Union – and to himself. A man who had no interest in political power – but had strong moral principles.

America was extremely fortunate to have such a leader.

Software and the Rest of the World

I sometimes wonder why I am interested in Software. Is it just an idle pastime, or is it more than that?

It is a well-paying profession, much in demand – and getting more so all the time. But here again I must ask – is that all?

Philosophers of Science – and there are a few of those around – have been asking themselves – is Science (that has given us so much) all we have? The answer, obviously is “no” – for many reasons. We are emotional beings. And the Computer can never be emotional. But it can be creative, and add to our store of knowledge.

All the Computer’s creations – and there are more of them all the time – are part of the World. What else could they be? They effect the World – and the World affects them.

Note the two words effect (a noun) and affect (a transitive verb). When we see someone talking on their phone (or to their phone) we see both of these happening.

The Computer, and its Software. have added to our World.


I must still be an American, at heart. I bought a bottle of this stuff, and I love it!

I had a breakfast of pizza, from the Pizza Hut (a money-making franchise in the nearest large town) and helped myself to some grape goober (America’s Favorite!). There is a Wikipedia entry for it – using the Gullah word for peanut, guber.

I traveled a little in the Honduran islands where this dialect is spoken, in the Seventies. They were poor, but friendly – but have since become dangerous places to live.

Their children, traveling by themselves, on freight cars across Mexico – have flooded across the American border. As described by Delancyplace,

Roger Bacon

I was told he was the originator of experimental science, and I decided to find out more about him. So I ordered Roger Bacon’s Philosophy of Nature – and got a rude awakening.

I quote from page liii:

Let us be clear at the outset that this work does not foreshadow the science of subsequent ages – the undulatory theory of light, the idea of experimental physics, or any other modern scientific development… Bacon did not possess a seventeenth century mind or a twentieth century mind – but a very good thirteenth century one; and there is no possibility of understanding his achievement unless we view it in medieval context.

I am not interested in this medieval context, and will not read this book any further.

The Modern World would come along in the 15th Century – and I am more interested in that.

What is It that Breathes Fire into the Equations?

This is a quote taken from Information and the Nature of Reality page 68.

Scientists have always believed that the world operated by laws – laws that could be expressed by mathematical equations.

How and why this belief came about is left to the historians of Science. A long, complicated history – that produced some very complicated mathematical equations.

Until recently, with the advent of the Computer – that does not operate with equations, but with algorithms – a series of instructions to the computer. This resulted in two modes of inquiry – mathematical and algorithmic. As different as night and day!

Computer Scientists follow certain procedures on data – their input. And derive useful outputs – more magic, but a different magic! That has no mathematics in it.

The amount of data is huge – enough to stretch to the moon and back. The computer is looking for hidden patterns in the data – and it won’t give up until it has found them – which may take days of processing. But that is not a problem – computer time is cheap!

Computer Software now produces Artificial Intelligence – using methods such as regression – that no one can understand – but gets useful results – like pulling a rabbit out of a hat!

God and Quantization

Quantization refers to the existence of matter and energy in distinct units only. This theory was introduced by Quantum Mechanics – that most people have rejected entirely – as something destructive to their religion – and of their concept of God.

Eventually, this led to their rejection of Science itself. And of the World itself. They were only interested in their beliefs about Reality – not Reality itself – that they rejected entirely.

Were they aware of this? No. This huge change occurred entirely in the dark (in the unconsciousness) of their minds.

But the digital computer did the same thing – it took analog inputs. that can have an infinite range of values – and digitized them into a limited range of values – that could be represented by digital numbers – each of which can only be a one or a zero.

People should have noticed this – but they did not! Why?

Their minds have tricked them. They could watch a movie, that consisted of nothing but a series of still images – and see a moving picture! They can also see a computer screen, that consists of nothing but colored dots – and see a naked, dancing woman.

The overall effect was the same – the rejection of reality for an illusion. Reality was boring, compared to their illusions. And they went with them – without thinking about it.

They were destroying their world – without thinking about it!