The Great A.I. Awakening

NY Times Magazine

The Times has grabbed a scoop on this one. Their writer, Gideon Lewis-Kraus, spent months with this Google team – but the cost (which must have been substantial) was worth it.

If you want to get up-to-date on Artificial Intelligence, the time you spend reading this – will be time well spent also.

The AI Industry is a dog-eat-dog place – but Google is satisfied that it is a winner.


Tech Giants Team Up To Tackle The Ethics Of Artificial Intelligence

All Tech Considered

“When you train a learning algorithm on a bunch of data, then it will find a pattern that is in that data. This has been known, obviously, understood by everybody within AI,” Kambhampati says.

“But the fact that the impact of that may be unintended stereotyping, unintended discrimination is something that has become much more of an issue right now,” he says, “because these technologies are actually making very important decisions in our day-to-day life.”

Note the photograph here – none of these guys (and one gal) are wearing a business suit!

The Computer Can Make People Smarter

Facebook, Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft Come Together To Create Historic Partnership On AI

The new organization really seems to be about promoting change by example. Rather than preach to the tech world, it wants to use a standard open license to publish research on topics including ethics, inclusivity, and privacy.

There have been rumbles about this for some time. These companies were checking to see if they could get away with such audacious behavior. It’s one thing to talk about ethical behavior – but actually doing it can raise some hackles.

I worked in Southern California in high-tech (this is what we called it then) from 1980-1990. And then from 1990 to 2000 in Silicon Valley in computers, mostly software. To use an analogy from WWI – I spent time in the trenches, and I suffered from shell-shock.

I saw some glimmers of hope – Java made its appearance, for example. But I also saw how the industry didn’t understand it – even as it shot them down in flames. I could relate to the brave bomber crews in WWII – who went to their deaths learning nothing.

It wasn’t as messy in the Nineties – there weren’t dead bodies lying around, stinking up the place. But anyone with any imagination – could see blood flowing between the cubicles.

The world was a bad as ever – but this was not as obvious. The numbers for the economy were better than ever. Money was everywhere – but not a person was in sight. People had become superhuman – Nietzsche’s übermensche – and were no longer interested in being human.

Boom! Along came the Computer – and turned everything on its head. Artificial Intelligence made ordinary intelligence necessary again.

It made me remember how, when I was first learning about the Computer – I quickly realized that it was the perfect tool for writing. It let you push around text as you liked – trash text you didn’t want, and replace it – instantly!

Now, every day, I set down in front of my computer – and write to my heart’s content. I accepts whatever I write – and stores in in the Cloud – which is getting too full of my stuff.

Artificial Intelligence

Check out these two links:

Silicon Valley Looks to Artificial Intelligence for the Next Big Thing
Google Cloud Platform

See any connection? I don’t, they are talking about two different things. But the NY Times hopes you will not notice the difference – and poop in your pants with excitement.

Google’s Cloud is amazing, no doubt about it – but it is only a cloud.

And its artificial intelligence is not as intelligent as that possessed by a jelly-fish.