Understanding the Brain: The Neurobiology of Everyday Life


This link is to the opening lecture of the class – an amazing story in itself.

What is even more amazing – is the reluctance of most people to take classes like this.

What is going on in their collective minds? Your guess is a good as mine.


A Machine is Not Alive, but It Can Operate Anyway

I am still trying to understand what a machine is. But the proper way to go at this, is to do it the other way around – understanding how Life operates first. And this means understanding how the Cell operates.

One of the many books cluttering up my desk is one on Cognitive Neuroscience. Which begins by looking at the cells in the brain – neurons. These highly specialized cells have a cell body that is the same as any other cell – containing many microorganisms, containing millions of complicated compounds, busily interacting with each other, many times a second. In a word, a cell is alive – and this is the basis of Life itself.

This is what Science teaches us – but People are not interested in Science. They want a simple story, something their minds can understand easily – God created the World!

I will not go into this controversy here – but go back to the basis of life – that like anything else, is composed of atoms and molecules.┬áLiving organisms organize them one way (an extremely complex way) and machines another way – that is much simpler.

And I will note one thing more – people create machines, they cannot create themselves. But when they reach a certain level of organization, such as the Railroads in the 19th Century, this process reverses – and the machines take control of the people – and the people become like them.

Without realizing this at all.