What to Do About Parents Who Shouldn’t Have Been Parents in the First Place?

In my opinion, there are too many of these – including my own parents. This shocks some people, who say “If your parents hadn’t made you, you wouldn’t exist – how can you fault them for creating you, an unique individual?”

My reply is “I made this judgment easily enough. They created an unique individual, true – but an individual life full of suffering that didn’t have to exist at all. And I see many, many like me. The world would have been better of if we hadn’t existed, with our gross incompetence at the arts of living – which often included the ultimate travesty of having children of our own. Instead of deciding that this terror ended with them.”

Society, which always exists in the human world, since we are social creatures, is, in the last analysis, composed of individuals, and we, as individuals, are responsible for how it behaves.

I am aware that is it not what people now believe. They belong to a mass mentality, which follows some kind of leadership.  “What leadership?” You may ask. “The leadership that is.” They will reply, “What  could be more obvious?Leaders become leaders by competing with other leaders. Those that succeed, succeed. Simple as that!”

And they could have added “And they do not tolerate any individual disobedience to their authority. This is the way human society has always existed, and we are just returning to normalcy: the rule of the powerful – which may or may not include concern for those ruled. That is optional.”

Let me summarize: the rule of the parents parallels the rule of those in power – it is absolute, whether they are competent or not.