Thinking and Insanity

Humans have language – the result of a mutation in the human brain. And before long there were many languages. As soon as they learn a language – which they do easily, as small children, they have to change it – and do so in an amazing variety of ways. Humans are creative – almost too much so.

And once they had language they could think.

I had an experience once that showed me how necessary language is for thinking. I had a TIA, a mini-stroke, the paralyzed the speech centers in my brain. I couldn’t talk – only make strange sounds. I was sure I knew what had happened to me (I was out running, and suddenly my legs refused to work – and I fell down) but without language, I could not even explain this to myself. Very frustrating.

As I already said – we could think, but some of our thinking was very strange – we could go crazy, when our thinking had gone wrong. In fact, our ways of defective thinking far outnumber our effective ways. Once our minds go wrong, the ways they can go wrong, are limitless – and some of them are subtle, and hard to detect.

And this insanity can easily become social – and effect large populations. Who are absolutely certain that nothing is wrong with them.

Wars can result – where millions of people are killed.

Some good may come out of these wars – WWII created Electronics, and then TV and the Computer. But the Computer has not made the thinking of most people any better.

In fact, they are now crazier than ever.


The Fatal Attraction of Self-Destruction

This subject comes under the heading of insanity – something only humans are afflicted with (and their dogs). This disability is usually something that the afflicted is not aware of.

We live in unusual times,  very unusual times – something that most people are not aware of – and do not want to be aware of. Mass insanity is everywhere – and is denied everywhere.

First thing this morning, I downloaded The 5 Core Truths to All Self-Destructive Behavior: Fresh Ideas in a Rigid World and immediately I felt better – I am not the only one to notice this problem. As the author says – I have seen so many people self-destruct I can hardly believe it – including a beloved wife who ended up killing herself.

Still almost everyone will deny that insanity is rampant. It is not a pleasant thing to see – and for this reason most people do not see it. They protect themselves by not being aware – of anything.

This is the oldest problem in the book, and has been noticed for hundreds of years. And is getting worse under the impact of mass communications – TV and the Computer.

I must carefully distinguish between the technologies and industries that exploit them. They are what has caused more insanity in our times – organizations that make people weaker – so they can make themselves stronger. And these organizations are everywhere.

“No, no no!” Everyone will scream, “It’s not that way!” If only they would scream, instead of maintaining a stony silence – which is their way (a very effective way) of attacking the facts.

They are being violent by being passive.