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Most People Never Experienced Love

Mandy Len Catron: A better way to talk about love

The woman has fallen in love – and has survived to write a book about it.

What we should do, she says – is to think about it carefully. Knowing perfectly well, that everyone would agree with her – but ignore what she says.

The reason for this is simple – there is little love in our materialistic society. And most people have only experienced it in its negative form – when we were rejected as small children.

And we don’t want any more of that stuff.

Love Fascinates Me

I continue to read Love in the Dark – a subject that is really in the dark for me, because I have never experienced it. And I have never known anyone who has experienced it – in my opinion.

I read about her experiences with fascination – almost like she was a creature from another planet. She has convinced me that love does exist – somewhere, somehow – and that it is a good thing, although I am not so sure of that.

I can see that good business relations are a good thing. And that most marriages consist of this. But love is far more dangerous. And that is probably why most people avoid it. They want to stay in control of their lives, and falling in love means risking that.

I can also see that sex is a necessary (although tricky) part of love. And that a stressful childhood can produce asexual personalities. Hitler being a famous example.

We Do Not Know How to Love

I continue to read Love in the Dark. And I continue to realize how little love was in my family – practically none at all. And how it was never missed. And how my family was normal for its time and place.

What a huge loss!

I speak as a man who was married – and thought he was in love. But later realized he was not – or at least not very much.

Beth kicked me out of her life, and never missed me. She later reconsidered, and made an attempt at a reconciliation – but this lasted for only 30 minutes – before she tore into me again. Hate, for her, was stronger than love.

And she no doubt got this from her parents, who got it from their parents – and so on.

Love has to give way to more practical matters – mostly matters of money and prestige.

Or even hate pretending to be love.