A New World is Dawning Upon Us

This will be a world where perpetual revolution is the norm, where we are called to transcend ourselves, destroy the past, and get more of everything – where we concentrate on getting more – and nothing else counts.

We are being called to transcend themselves and become different, to respond to a more exalted calling, where we will become new beings. This calling is both ancient and modern, combining the old and the new – but the result will be a new world, different than anything before it.

This will call for a new kind of person: one who intuits what everyone feels and conforms accordingly – in contrast to one who thinks critically, and acts independently – as this kind of person is no longer needed or wanted.

Getting more

This new kind of person will automatically identify with the organization it works for: usually a business organization, which, like any business, is devoted to getting more. These people become more and more wonderful because of all the wonderful things they have – and because they identify closely with other wonderful people. Any morality other than this is not relevant for them, because they have arrived.

Being objects

These new people will be less like animals and more like objects, in the software sense – where objects are self-contained, self- sufficient beings that can do particular things – in response to requests from other objects – with the whole system designed and managed by superior beings – in the software world the designer, and in the human world, the controllers of the power structure. As mere humans we will be seen as deficient beings, badly in need of a miraculous transformation.

A new kind of Self

The Self in the modern sense has been abandoned in favor of a new kind of Self. The modern Self was something developed by the creative process of individuation, and was unique: his or hers alone; no one else was like her. In the post-modern world, the Self is formed by imitating others: copying the most successful people, their pretensions, and the most successful trends. The people who are most admired are those most skilled at this: being able to identify new trends before others, and abandoning them quickly something better comes along.

This does not mean complete conformity: there will be an abundance of sub-cultures and people can chose which one they want to join and identify with – and these will all be coordinated by a collective unconsciousness – a heritage of our human past.

These people will be busy making themselves look ever better. Other than that, they don’t really do anything – and nobody will notice this minor fact.

Objective reality no longer exists

In this New World people are no longer interested in how the world actually works: in objective or scientific reality. They are no longer interested in reason.  They are only interested in beliefs: what other people believe. This is a serious deficiency, to put it mildly, but all cultures have their blind spots.

To put it another way: we are abandoning the modern world, mankind’s greatest accomplishment, and entering another Dark Age.


Trust on the Internet

I am continually amazed how trusting people are on the Internet. They seem to think everyone is wonderful and will not harm them in any way – an attitude they would consider naive in the ordinary world. They remind me of converts to a new religion. The Internet has opened up a whole new world for them, one that seems perfect – almost like the Kingdom of Heaven.

This kingdom, however, is populated by the same kinds of people found anywhere – and some of these  have found a hunting ground full of gullible people who keep telling each other the Net is nothing to worry about – and a media that says more-or-less the same thing: there is nothing to worry about in the Promised Land.

Let me lay it on you: the Net can be a dangerous place, and you should be as careful there as anywhere. You wouldn’t give the keys to your house to anyone, and you should protect your space on the Net just as carefully – and even more carefully, because the keys there can be counterfeited more easily.

You may say “But I have nothing to hide. Why should I bother?” Everybody has things to hide, that’s what privacy is about. Lots of people want to know everything about you – and will do anything to find you out. And once that happens, you will no longer exist in your private world – but only in the data banks of the powers that be. If we don’t have boundaries, we don’t exist.

This seems counter-intuitive to many people in the net generation: they feel everyone should know everything about them, because that is the only way they can be. The more of them is out there, the more of them there is.

To my mind, nothing could be worse. It is a new form of suicide: suicide by sublimation into a new world that promises to become all – but in reality destroys all.