NY Times – If T.P.P. Crumbles, China Wins

I take a jaundiced view of this.

Trade agreements are always negotiated in secret by the Economic Elite of the countries involved. They do this with one end in view – to make themselves richer. Their wealth may make others richer also (the trickle-down effect) – but this is an accidental by-product.

Let’s look at what happens in practice – using NAFTA as an example. American companies rushed to move their manufacturing to the Mexican border – because Mexican workers were so much cheaper. And because environmental restraints were more relaxed. Many of these workers were young women – and the crimes against them were horrible – because the Mexican Police were so ineffective.

This should not have been a surprise – businessmen are short-sighted. And industrial conditions in Mexico were deplorable. A few people got richer (as is usually the case in Latin America) but the working classes got poorer – if they managed to stay alive.

In what I have just written, I can detect Marx’s critique of the Industrial Economy – which formed the basis for Liberalism. Two isms that have failed miserably. And have produced the world we have now – which is simply terrible.

And people who have adapted to this terrible situation by becoming terrible people themselves – who can see nothing wrong with the way things are. Who have also responded by going on a contagious destructive frenzy. Their world is so awful, they are going to destroy everything in it.

Note the double-bind here – this is the world that created them, and for reason they owe it some allegiance, just as they do their parents – but if your parents are bad – if you are the product of a dysfunctional family – you hate it and want to destroy it.

But you will also continue to do what your parents have done – you will have children yourself, and treat them the same horrible way.

Lots has been written about the failure of Capitalistic Liberalism. Places such as MIT and Stanford are among them. They desperately want to make it better – often by using a form of group therapy, where businessmen get together, talk about their problems, as businessmen – and work to solve them. These were called Encounter Groups, by the SDS, the Students for a Democratic Society, back in the Sixties.

But the Sixties, which lasted until the early Eighties in some places – failed, and failed miserably.

And no one noticed.

Why? This is the question I keep asking myself. Lots of people have been answering the what question “Wha happened?” And answering it very well – the Beats in particular. But no one has tackled the “Why?” question. Because the answer is too painful – and reveals a deep flaw in all of us.

We are Stone-Age people in a High-Tech World.

This sounds like a simple explanation – but it is not. Part of our Collective Mind can create rapid social changes – but the rest of it rejects these changes completely. We have a built-in basic conflict between radical change and its conservative reaction.

This has been made worse by the collapse of the Industrial Economy – and a catastrophic loss of jobs. A whole way of life – is no more! And we have no idea what to do about it. And so we have decided to do nothing – and just let things take care of themselves.

This is not a smart response, but that hardly matters – it is the only response we can make.


Incompetence and Destructiveness

These two traits are closely connected. People feel if they can’t understand something, they have the right (indeed, the duty) to destroy it. Since they don’t understand very much – this encourages them destroy nearly everything – feeling self-righteous in the process. Everyone likes to play God – and his counterpart.

Americans are good at this – but are not aware of their destructiveness – even as they destroy themselves – and quite a few other people. To pare this down to its barest essentials – they are showing the world that – killing people feels good. Especially if you don’t have to do the killing yourself – but let other people do it for you.

I once knew a Vietnam vet – who suffered from this himself. He had done horrible things, and he knew it. And he could not get that off his mind. Everyone listened politely to his problems – but then changed the subject.

And this emphasis on military solutions is getting worse. I have a cousin with all of her sons in the military – and whose daughters are married to men in the military. She was pleased with this, because she did not have the expense of sending them to college.

People can get out of this downward spiral – and find work in the Computer Economy. But they will have to work at learning the skills it requires. They will have to become Computer Competent, and make things work.

Instead of making them not work.


The New World That Makes the Old One Obsolete and Unnessary

To put this in religious terms – Heaven on Earth is coming, in the form of Global Business – and it is our job to destroy the old world of national governments so they won’t slow down this coming.

Putting this in religious terms, using the language of Christianity, is appropriate. Without our knowing it, our conception of the world has undergone a radical change. We haven’t known about it because this change has happened unconsciously – but any astute observer can deduce what is going on there (in our collective unconscious) by our actions – which could not be more obvious. We are destroying our world (and ourselves) – with considerable relish.

What we think we are doing – and what we are actually doing – as is often the case – are two entirely different things. This is a common human failing – we cannot tell the difference between our stories (our beliefs), and the reality behind those beliefs.

Lots of reasons can be given for this – and lots of them are probably useful. But a religious explanation explains a lot – because we are such religious beings.

How did this happen? It’s hard to say, but it probably involved a merging of religious and secular motivations. And this is why (once again!) there is so much conflict between Islam and Christianity. They have different motivations entirely – or at least they think they do.

The Evangelicals consider Israel to be one of them. It is a client state of the US, and part of the opposition to Islam – and that is all that matters.

I refer you to one of my postings yesterday ISIS Official Killed in U.S. Raid in Syria, Pentagon Says – which no one paid any attention to. What was going on here? What was the American military trying to accomplish?

Most observers agree that the answer to all these questions is “They don’t know!” But that doesn’t matter – they are part of Global Business – part of that irresistible force.

They don’t have to know anything.

Negative Progress

This is only an idea, but an idea Americans have adopted passionately. Without being consciously aware of it at all.

It is easiest for me, when I am dealing with them, to tell myself  “Remember, they are nothing.” Because that way I don’t get upset with their frustrating behavior.

When I had time to think about it, however, I realized they have adopted a more sophisticated strategy – where their objectives, and their morality, are the reverse of what they had been for thousands of years. And this seems, to them, is a big improvement. And means they are the most advanced people in history – and not the most degenerate.

What I am talking about here is unconscious behavior – something they deny completely. They insist that what they are is what is on their surface – there is nothing deeper.

This is astonishing. It amounts to saying there are no patterns in human behavior – or indeed, anywhere else in the world. There is only one pattern – the race to the bottom. Which they are completely involved in – and deny completely.

They Are Not Connected to Anything Else

A fundamental fact of any organization is its connectedness – everything is connected to everything else. This is what makes it an organization. And in life-forms, this connectivity is carried to new levels.

Since being obsessed with the Computer we tend to think in terms of of information – but one of its key features is its networks – that turned it into a supercomputer that covers the whole world.

This was a capability that the forces of evil in the world quickly took advantage of. The forces for good have not been so apt (as they usually are not) but they are catching on to it also. I am taking two MOOCs now – one of them about connections. And, of course I have this blog, which is very active – at least on my part. I am connected – and I like being that way.

One of my favorite activities is writing about them – the strange people that now populate most of the world. Human Culture has gone through a strange evolution – being heavily affected by our technologies. Which have not made us better. And which have turned us into strange creatures – which seem to me, to not be human at all.

One of the characteristics of these creatures is that they are not connected to anything. But live in an alternative reality where connections are not necessary – or even desirable. Which means they do not exist, they are not real. But to their way of thinking they are better than real.

This is a strange situation – to say the least. And will  take some explaining. But that is what I do – I try to explain everything. A job that keeps me constantly amused.

One of the characteristics of the new state of affairs is its destructiveness. Millions of people are being destroyed. For a variety of reasons – the main one being that no one wants them around. There are just too many people in the world – and the loss of a few million of them, here and there, is not seen as any big deal.

This is related to something else:

No one is responsible for anything anymore.

This is not what I believe – I still believe in old-fashioned morality – but what they believe – in their alternative reality – where values are reversed.

It took me quite awhile to realize this – but once I did – I understood things much better. To their way of thinking, they are perfect – while to my way of thinking they are horrible.

And the gap cannot be bridged.

They Are Running Out of Things to Destroy

This is a serious problem, because their attitude for quite a while has been “Destroy everything!” or perhaps “Consume everything!”- which amounts to much the same thing.

And, of course “Notice nothing!” Which lets them do the most horrible things in complete innocence. And destroying the world (which includes them) is the worst thing they can possibly do – or be.

All this has been quite satisfying – but the most satisfying part of all has been their destruction of themselves. I have watched this in amazement – and also noticed this was completely unconscious behavior, that the participants were not consciously aware of at all.

They are very smug about something – that is clear. Probably because they think they are getting away with everything – scot free. After all, who is going  to punish them for their outrageous behavior, when they are everyone?

As Ortega y Gasset noted back in the Thirties – they behave like spoiled children – who are happily destroying everything, With an air of complete innocence.

They have discovered the perfect pastime – and are enjoying it immensely.

Meet Global Corruption’s Hidden Players


Global Witness has won the one million dollar TED prize. And this gal is here to tell you all about it. According to her, substantial progress is being made on this problem.

How many people will watch her, as a percentage of those who should watch her? I would guess only a few percent – certainly no one I know personally.

People are determined not to know anything – and this is the most important fact of our time. But one no one will talk about – on TED, or anywhere else.

This is not just corruption – it is self-destruction. And it is well-advanced.