The 9/11 Commission Report

After 9/11, the American government commissioned this report – in an effort to understand what had happened. Americans have paid no attention to it – even though it explains the Islamic terrorist movement quite well.

But they did pay attention to their government’s reaction to it – the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Which they supported enthusiastically. Their logic was simple – they had tried to kill us, and we would now kill them.

And they were not too particular about who the enemy was – or even who was was going to kill them. As long as some people got killed – or locked up in Guantanamo.

This whole episode can stand as a case study in terrorism and counter-terrorism.


A Quick Introduction to Terrorism


I just signed up for this MOOC – and this is the introductory lecture. The camera moves to the top of the building in Leiden, and the instructor points out all the interesting buildings, and organizations – surrounding it – all in Europe, of course.

I was impressed – the Europeans seem to have a better handle on this problem, than the Americans do.

They’re Just Mexicans, so Why Worry About Them?

Instead of Mexicans, almost any nationality could be substituted: Vietnamese, Iraqi, Afghani – or of course, any of the mixed bunch we claim to be terrorists – who are human, after all. Our attitude is simply “Kill the whole damn bunch of them!”

What started me on this rant? An article on Truthout about the book Ciudad Juarez: The Global Economy’s New Killing Fields. The author, Charles Bowden, includes many pictures of dead bodies, many of them heavily mutilated. The reason for all this? The American drug market, that the Mexican cartels are literally killing each other for – and also quite a few innocent by-standers.

We could easily end this by making these drugs legal – but we don’t. Why? Because we like making people kill each other off – with some assistance from our military – or other militaries in our pay.