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Data-Driven Online Services

NY Times

I try to not write too much, I really do – but then something like this lands “plop!” in my inbox. It has barnacles all over it, and each one is waving a little sign, saying “You must read this!” What else can I do?

I keep piddling around trying to find out what the heck is is going on in the Software World – only to find everything is connected to everything else. Everything!

The writer is saying Apple must go into data-driven online services – and not concentrate so much on fancy hardware.

This ain’t gonna be easy – but that’s the real world.

Unisys on AWS

I clicked on this promotion video yesterday, and it encouraged me to look the company up on Wikipedia. The company history is complicated, as you can see, and it had to scramble to stay in business.

It now employs fewer people than it once did – and this is typical of the industry. To succeed there, you have to run fast, and learn new skills constantly. Lots of people (such as me) drop out, and are forgotten.

Unisys is moving to the Cloud, and has chosen AWS as its Cloud provider – a smart move.