The Police State in America


Like you, I struggle with information overload. But sometimes I see something I just have to pass on. This is part of a longer piece in Truthout:

On February 16, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a speech at George Washington University in which she condemned governments that arrested protestors and crushed free expression. She lauded the liberating power of the Internet, while failing to mention that her government was planning to close down those parts of the Internet that encouraged dissent and truth-telling. It was a speech of spectacular hypocrisy, and McGovern was in the audience. Outraged, he rose from his chair and silently turned his back on Clinton. He was immediately seized by police and a security goon and beaten to the floor, dragged out and thrown into jail, bleeding. He has sent me photographs of his injuries. He is 71. During the assault, which was clearly visible to Clinton, she did not pause in her remarks.

I am skeptical about the rest of this article, and other things in Truthout. But this sounds like the truth – and like part of bigger picture.

I later followed up on this by doing a search on Google News. This is what I got.


The Purpose of Torture is to Destroy the Recalcitrant Individual

Of course our torturers disagree: they only want information. Any damage to those that refuse to give it, is their own responsibility. It’s a simple matter of who you work for: the good guys or the bad guys. The good guys are only protecting themselves, their women and children – and the rest of the world. The bad guys are disposable, and whatever happens to them is irrelevant.

From : Merriam-Webster re·cal·ci·trant

Etymology: Late Latin recalcitrant-, recalcitrans, present participle of recalcitrare to be stubbornly disobedient, from Latin, to kick back, from re-calcitrare to kick, from calc-, calx heel

1 : obstinately defiant of authority or restraint
2 a : difficult to manage or operate b : not responsive to treatment