Wordsworth’s Dislike of the England of His Time

Wordsworth went to Cambridge for two years, before dropping out.

The following is from page 59 of The Prelude:

Feuds, Factions, Flatteries, Enmity, and Guile;
Murmuring Submission, and bald Government:
The Idol as weak as the Idolater;
And Decency and Custom starving Truth;
And blind Authority, beating with his Staff
The child that might have led him, Emptiness
Followed, as of good omen; and meek Worth
Left to itself unheard-of, and unknown.


Wordsworth on the Creative Power of Nature

Points have we all of us within our souls
Where all stand single, this I feel, and make
Breathings for incommunicable powers.
Yet each man is a memory to himself;
And therefore, now that I must quit this theme,
I am not heartless, for there’s not a man
That lives that hath not his god-like hours.
And knows not majestic sway we have,
As natural beings, in the strength of nature.

The Prelude: Newly Edited from the Manuscripts and Fully Illustrated in Color, p 45